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Latest Fallout 76 patch contains huge amount of undocumented changes, including stealth nerfs across the board, making the game grindier than before.

Info taken from this thread:

Thanks, u/comeinmymeowth:

  • Example of things changed in the update that were not mentioned (again this is from gathering information from players so not all are 100% correct until Bethesda gives us real patch notes)

  • Production rates reduced to 10 per hour or 1 fusion core per hour

  • Ammo production CAP reduced (400 to 200)

  • Getting ore instead of scrap (stock up on acid)

  • Lead in CAMP/Workshop is unaffected

  • Fusion cores drain quicker , not sure by how much % increase.

  • Grenade exploit removed

  • "Search" exploit/glitch removed

  • Cap stash exploit removed

  • Anything past point has some people saying yes to and some no, so do not take these as 100% correct.

  • Flux looted from blast zones expires MUCH much quicker (estimate 1 hour vs 5-10mins) (needs confirmation)

  • Legendary spawns reduced and % of them having a legendary also reduced (static enemy spawn points are the same still in some areas) (might be due to enemy spawns with multiple payers being changed again, all in theory as we dont have informative patch notes)

  • Plans not being awarded as often for events (exluding the ones that have 100% rate for weps like partols ect)

  • The legendary effect that regens HP now restores AP (need confirmation)

  • Characters over lvl 50 do even less damage to both PVE and PVP (need confirmation)

  • Plan/Mod spawn rates have been reduced (need confirmation)

  • Super Mutants and ghouls both seem to have either increased health or damage reduction (need confirmation)

  • Enemies now have an aggro zone but when they leave it they regain health instantly

  • SOME server hopping exploits removed (CONTAINERS stay looted, enemies/open loot still spawn, might be more changes) (container change was from previous patch it seems was still not mentioned in either notes)

  • Stealth and Melee have had around half the people say they feel being nerfed and the other half say they don't.

  • Stealth has been nerfed (lvl 50+ slightly less damage and enemies not aware of you regain health randomly) (might be a bug people are attributing to feeling nerfed) (probably a weird side effect from a bug it seems)

  • Melee has been nerfed (lvl 50+ damage seems to be reduced havnt checked lower levels)

The jury is still out on what the exact extent of the changes actually is. There are loads of threads about it on r/FO76:

Lots of people are having a much worse time with the game after the latest patch. Also noted that there's a nasty CTD issue (that the folks in my group have encountered personally) affecting a lot of people.

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