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What does the future of MMOs look like? Less focus on cross server? More emergent? VR? Some AI breakthrough?

I'm getting burnt out on MMOs, but it's not like I don't enjoy the concept of MMOs, it's that they feel quite samey these days. There are some exceptions and I definitely get feelings of newness from certain games but once you get to the end game it sort of converges into a very similar pattern between what I'm playing and what I've already played.

I feel like there are still some things that companies should try like bringing back the community aspect an encouraging natural interaction that happens through player conversation instead of all these UI tools. There are games that do this but they are quite rare from my experience but then they suffer from similar burnout issues or lack of content.

Maybe we need some serious changes to how MMOs are made instead of just retracing steps to see what worked well in the past. There are plenty of technologies that are still growing and could really change things up. Emergent gameplay in Red Dead Redemption 2 and the AI system there would create a much more connecting world that doesn't just rely on player interaction but with clever AI interaction as well. Maybe we can form guilds and communities with NPCs as well as players even if something like that is quite a way off. Then you have technology like VR that shows promise for the immersion aspect of MMOs and how some of us get sucked into the world and sometimes becomes like a second home.

MMOs have already been past their peak at least in their current state. I think they can peak again but will require big changes. What does everyone see or want to see happen in the next 10 + years of MMOs?

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