Diablo 3

Blizzard used to be craftsmen who made money to make games, now they are a corporation that makes games to make money.

Blizzard used to be people working together to create quality products and sell them at an affordable price to interested parties. What capitalism is supposed to reward…

The problem is as soon as you become a publicly traded company sustainable growth isn't enough. The corporate structure is a dopamine loop for psychopaths who are actively encouraged to avoid all social, civic, economic and environmental responsibility to make as much money as fast as possible in a never ending series of get richer quicker schemes.

Without devolving into a political rant about how unsustainable corporate greed is destroying the the climate and rendering huge parts of the world uninhabitable… There is no denying that Blizzard has tailored all its games towards the broadest possible audience.

While Overwatch still has craftsmen who take pride in their product the game is a thesis in mass market appeal. The days when "niche" products might be made are long gone. Diablo 2 was a Gothic horror game. Warcraft three may be remembered for the funny voice lines and cartoon graphics but the main story line was a Warhammer like Dark Fantasy story.

Make a game with the same story as Warcraft 3 or Diablo 2 but photo realistic graphics and a first or third person camera, (Isometric view distances and insulates the player from the horror) suddenly you have two of the darkest video games ever made.

Blizzard will never do that. Why be a steakhouse with profits in the hundreds of millions when we could be a fast food chain with profits in the tens of billions.


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