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My friend claims that dedicated Diablo Fans actually WANT immortal. Is it true?

I recently had a heated debate with one of my friends about Diablo immortal. I believe that the move Blizzard is making towards shifting all their games towards the Mobile market is a financial one. They can make far more money selling their games on mobile devices than they ever could on the PC or consoles. This being partially because there are far more mobile phone Gamers. But the main reason it'd earn more money would be due to the fact that the game would likely be a "Pay to Win" lootbox filled micro-transaction fest, like most Mobile games. I am under the impression that Diablo Immortal is targeted mostly towards casual gamers who prefer light games that aren't too time consuming or intense. Not the hardcore dedicated gamers who love the Diablo-verse.

In response my friend said the following:

" Eli Hodapp of TouchArcade put it well when he said that more people will play Diablo Immortal than any previous Diablo titles – because mobile is a market far superior in size to PC/console. There is even a chance it might make Blizzard more money than Diablo 4 could – for real. And the dedicated gamers among those people? Yeah, really excited about Diablo Immortal, and really happy it was announced during BlizzCon and given a respected space."

Are his statements correct or is he talking trash? Is the dedicated Diablo community really happy and excited about Diablo immortal?

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