Diablo 3

On top of everything else, I find it disturbing that they want to make Diablo “family-friendly”.

I started playing Diablo 2 with friends when I was like almost 9 years old. It was awesome because it was a mature game. None of us (as far as I know) became serial killers because of playing it. Kids these days are looking up and watching more obscene shit than the Paladin cleaving a demon in half.

Keep the game mature, let the chips fall where they may. It's up to the parents of the kids who want the game whether or not they buy the damn thing.

With a game like Diablo, where you're fighting the legions of Hell, how the fu*k can you make that family-friendly? Every religion with a "Hell" has it depicted as a place of violence, blood, death, gore, sex, and/or pain. Is the barbarian suddenly just going to wield thundersticks that he picked up from the local stadium? Are the demons going to have hot fudge for blood? Someone in another thread mentioned that we're probably going to see shit like Andariel wearing a unitard.

Blizz, you're completely out of touch with not only your playerbase, but with reality if you market this franchise going forward towards a family-friendly audience.

It's like comical how absurd it was when I read/heard the devs saying that they were doing this. You know that point of no return when everything has gone to shit so you can't do anything but laugh? It's like that now.


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