100ish% of Underwater explored 25ish hours. FYI, lower your expectations. Safe locations and a underwater Christmas tree. Bonus: Edge of the map explored. Maps for both in post.

Hey everyone, back in FO4 I did a underwater exploration. A fair amount of people enjoyed it so I did it again in Far Harbor and now I'm finished with Fallout 76. Lower your expectations, it is far less compared to Fallout 4. For both exploring the underwater areas and the edge of the map it took about 25 hours. This also included the water areas on the map that exists but are not shown on the map. Why so long? Well at one point I had to clear out this area in the north east that is north of this dam. It is super radiated even with a hazmat suit on and offers 0 visibility along with being bright orange. It was extremely annoying to do and just as I finished it, the water bugged and I wasn't getting radiation poisoning and I was able to see clearly underwater. So I quickly re scanned it to make sure I didn't miss anything, there was nothing there still. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

(If the YT or IMGUR link isn't up yet, give it a minute, lemme know if a link doesn't work.)

IMGUR pictures and both maps: https://imgur.com/gallery/fkN4lOv

YT Underwater:

YT Edge:

In Fallout 4 you had 29 points of interest 13 safe/chest locations and 16 places that had either something cool or an easter egg.

Fallout 76 has 11 points, 1 point of interest(christmas tree) 9 safe locations(one of these safes does have bottle, not cappy and some drunk teddy bears) and 1 location that has several boxes with loot in them.

I know it's silly to compare the two games esepecially since fo4's map was like 1/5 covered in water. Which also included access to the ocean. Where 76 just has streams, rivers, dried lakes and a single lake, it still didn't have a lot to offer. I just kind of expected a little something, but instead I was greeted with a ton of recycled assests. 76 also has the same exact Jaws Easter Egg, where everything is in the exact same place. FO4 would have gnomes in random locations, an underwater cannon or ship full of mannequins. Then you had that "Mysterious sphere" power lines and light in the ocean area. I found nothing mysterious about the underwater areas in 76 it was fairly straight forward and bland.

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In all honestly I felt like Bethesda could have put in just a little bit more effort and made it better. By just sprinkling in crates in the backs of vehicles like they did in FO4 instead of having a empty truck. Or putting a few items in a ship that in 76 has nothing of value at all in it. Shipping containers were shut or empty that could have easily carried a crate or another safe. Or ya know, some gnomes stabbing a mannequin with machetes.

What's on the edge of the map though? Surprisingly nothing. Remember in Fallout 4 in the south west portion of the map? Where you go a good way outside of the defined boundaries of the map. That doesn't exist at all in 76, there is a literal fence going around the map that doesn't allow you to more than a few feet past it. I thought at some point it would give but it doesn't. I was really hoping to find some research center or some big point of interest like you could in FO4, but there was next to nothing.

  • I did find a catapult that shot skeletons, that was fun and I recommend checking it.
  • A cave you can build your camp near and actually build into the cave.
  • A couple of safes (Some that will blow up when you get near them)

Ultimately the edge was more of a disappointment than the underwater section. I thought I would get rewarded, truly rewarded for exploring the boundaries of the map, but instead I just only found a handful of neat things.

It's w/e though, I still like 76 I don't love it. I am really hoping though that sometime soon I will be able to say I love the game.

If you guys have questions feel free to ask or if you have issues finding something lemme know.

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