BethesdaGameStudios_ official community account apologizes for lack of communication and says they’ll let us know what the studio is working on, then releases unannounced stealth Nerfs across the board. Community no longer trusts a word that comes out of community manager’s mouth.

From u/BethesdaGameStudios_ just over a week ago:

> We know you’re frustrated and angry at the state of things right now, whether it’s the issues you’re running into in the game, or the lack of communication about fixes, updates, or news.


> We’d like to make these articles weekly to make sure you know what the studio is working on


> patch notes will go at length into what’s being fixed with each update.


> please don’t stop letting us know how we can improve our communication


u/BethesdaGameStudios_ You need to get us full patch notes listing the many unwelcome unannounced changes, or nobody here will trust a single word that comes out of your mouth ever again, and you may as well delete your community manager account.

EDIT: Thanks for the gold, stranger! With the increased visibility, here's hoping we can get some patch notes along the lines of this comment's example, which is much more accountable. Telling users to expect communication about changes and then days later throwing a load of big and unpopular gameplay effecting changes at users with no warning (then leaving it out of the patchnotes and hoping they don't notice) just simply isn't cricket.

Edit 2: More gold and Silver? Wow. Cheers chaps!

Edit 3: Response from Bethesda; We'll see what they follow up with.

Edit 4: Platinum, blimey! <3

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