I have created a Proximity Text Chat mod that allows players to communicate with text chat in-game


The only caveat of course being that other players also need the mod for it to function.

I've seen a lot of people asking for text chat, and I have some friends that I play with on a regular basis who do not have microphones. I didn't really want to wait for an unknown amount of time for an official solution; it can be quiet difficult to play with friends who are unable to use voice. So I went ahead and created a mod that allows for in-game text chat.

If you have any suggestions, or concerns, I would love to hear them. I haven't really be able to do any type of load testing so I can't really guarantee 100% chat server stability at the moment. I am the person who created the back-end server for the Perk Loadout Manager mod by Keretus. I hope that this will help to quell many concerns that I'm sure will arise about third party servers.

Edit: If you'd like a copy of the server source, let me know in a PM.

Edit Two: If you do not want to use my mod, I completely understand and respect that. If you're looking for an alternative for text chat discord overlay is a good option.

Edit Three: I'm currently working on an update that I hope to push out sometime tonight, the mod will inform you when the update is released.

Some of the features I'll be adding are a noise upon receiving a message. -Thanks to giantpunda for this suggestion.

The other features are extra additions to security, one of those hopefully will be RSA encryption.

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