If you get disconnected, while owning any workshops, you should have 5 minutes to reconnect before losing them.

It wouldn't be so bad to lose your workshops because of disconnect if they didn't require you to pay CAPS in order to take them over.

I don't think I even want to know how many caps I've lost due to claiming multiple workshops, getting disconnected, and having to pay caps in order to reclaim them again.

(Not to mention those special workshops that were previously owned by monkeys who wanted to build a damn military base on them so it cost 80+ caps to take over. But that's a whole other story, lol.)

I think 5 minutes is a perfect amount of time for a player to have the ability to re-log after being disconnected without losing their workshops.

Meanwhile, anyone who wanted to attempt to takeover the workshop would still have the ability to do so. It wouldn't lock them out of the option.

Tldr; You should have a 5 minute window to re-log, after being disconnected, that allows you to not lose your already claimed workshop/s. Other players would still have the ability to claim it during those 5 minutes.. You just wouldn't lose them straight up.

Edit: I've noticed a lot of comments saying there should be even more of a grace period or no time limit at all and thinking on it more, I have to agree.

To be honest, maybe the only way you SHOULD be able to lose a workshop is through it being taken over.

There's really nothing that can be abused if this change were implemented and people wouldn't get screwed out of their time and caps by being disconnected.

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