Let’s change the subject to something more fun. Share your tips, tricks, easter eggs, little known lore, and other fun stuff others might not know.

With all the negativity of late I thought we could talk about something more fun.

What neat things have you found in the game? Be it a random encounter, a fun interaction with another player, an easter egg, a tip/trick whatever. Especially if it is something you haven't seen anyone mention!

Myself, I was delighted to learn from another thread about the effectiveness of pairing spotlights with turrets. I actually removed the rocket turret from my camp and have more budget for future building and my turrets are not as dumb now.

The church in Flatwoods? There is a fun teddy bear easter egg behind the steeple.

Also speaking of Flatwood if you have lockpicking and the leadbelly perk Flatwood is a good place to check for a cache of pre-war food in the restaurant most low-level players won't be able to open yet.

Many of us know vendoring Mothman Eggs(you monsters) is quick caps. But remember, eat one first! They buff charisma so you will get better prices!

Mothemen will eat your pants.

Again not known by new players or spelled out in the game, quest rewards scale to your level, if a quest gives a good reward (like the daisy cutter or somerset special) you might want to wait until level 50 to do these quests.

Crossbows use rifle perks.

M79s use shotgun and explosive perks. Double dip folks!

Throwing knives are easy to craft and at low level do sick damage. Go crazy, damn near everything you scrap gives you steel.

There are friendly people in the game who will help you out on tough quests. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Griefers and asshats are the minority in this game (at least in my experience).

If you don't want to PVP or you use boomy things in a group go in to your game settings and enable pacifist mode to avoid unpleasantness!

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Robots can be annoying to fight. Shoot the legs/treads.

Even if you don't plan on crafting it is worth picking up the basic gun or melee crafting perks. You still need them to apply mods to weapons and they decrease how quickly your weapons degrade.

Even at high levels it's worth keeping a pipe gun around to plink low-level enemies when you are in those areas. No need to waste valuable .50 or 5mm ammo on a level 1 scorched when ammo for a .308 or .38 pipe gun flows like water!

Enough of my rambles. Community come together and share yours!

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