[Missed Connections?] To the guy I accidentally screwed out of all his caps – I’m sorry, I had no idea what I was doing in the trade menu.

Your name was SadFace with an underscore either before or after. I was a big ol jerk in excavator armor, like 20 levels above you. We met in a prison, I think. You were desperate for food and water, and I? I was an idiot who had never opened the trade menu before, and who also doesn't have a microphone. Normally I just drop stuff on the ground with a spare bullet and blink my headlamp at it a whole bunch.

By the time I had figured out how to change the price and amount of stuff, you had already bought it all at a crazy price. I realized what happened, but it was too late. So I dropped some stimpaks on the ground, hoping to make amends. You went afk and I proceeded on to my quest, but I thought of you all night and I feel like a giant asshole about basically robbing you.

I would like to pay you back with interest of purified water and delicious dog food. Had I not been an idiot, I would have happily given you the supplies for free. You can sell me one bullet for 600 caps, I'll give you more food and water, and I hope you'll forgive me.

I remember being hungry and thirsty and injured in the dark, and I'm really sorry that my idiocy and inability to communicate cost you so much.

I'll be keeping an eye on the map for you, or if you remember my in-game name please feel free to add me. I want to make this right, and I'm about to hop on for a few hours.

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