PSA: If you bought Fallout 76 from cdkeys.com, and are from the United States request a refund.

My post was removed from the fo76 subreddit for some reason so I thought I would post it here instead.

On the 4th after playing the B.E.T.A with an invite code from a friend, I decided I wanted to get 76. But being short on cash as I am I went looking for deals online. Found a deal for $42.19 on cdkeys. Checked around for reviews to see if the site was safe and everything seemed to check out.

I came back today as I have been doing the last 4 days to check and see if keys were being given out yet because the email I received when I purchased it gave me a link to the order on their site and said that keys would be given out "on or slightly before the release date Nov 14th 2018." I was fine with the wait because i wouldn't be able to play until then anyways. But I go look at the store page for what I pourchased today and now there is a big red block of text on the right hand side saying "This product cannot be activated in United States." I'm not sure why that came out of nowhere like it did, but as of now I have sent a support ticket to cdkeys for a refund, and if that doesn't work, at least I was lucky enough to use Paypal so I should (hopefully) be able to file a dispute.

I just wanted to let anyone else know that if they bought the game from cdkeys like I did and they live in the US to request a refund ASAP so that you can try to find a way to buy from somewhere else while there is still time before launch. ♥

Here is a picture of the cached page when I bought it. And here is a picture from today.


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