Reminder: Bethesda deserves nothing for doing what they should have from the beginning

I'm seeing all these posts from different subreddits saying, "I commend Bethesda…", or "Finally they are doing the right thing" in regards to the canvas bag. The only reason Bethesda is giving in is because of the threat of lawsuits and public pressure. They got caught with their pants down and are only delivering on what they said they would do in the first place. They aren't doing anything extra and do not at all deserve any ounce of gratitude from anyone. If it weren't for the outcry they wouldn't have done shit. This isn't them caring about their fan base, this is them trying to save face. Limited availability of materials and too expensive MY ASS.

Edit: Thank you for the silver, stranger!

Edit 2: A couple of things. This isn't about the bag, this is about something bigger that has far more harsh consequences if we let ANY game developer get away with, not just Bethesda. I know I'm beating a dead horse but what they did was literally unlawful. Were not butthurt just because of a bag that cost them all of a few cents to manufacture – we're mad at the principle behind their actions.

Edit 3: Wow, both my silver AND gold cherry have been popped on the same post. Thank you guys!

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