After the patch today, there is a very serious on-going glitch leaked to the public which allows you to duplicate any items/weapon/armor in the game! People are getting millions of Nuka Cola (caps) and epic legendary weapons. I am not going to post exactly how. Bethesda needs to respond to this ASAP! Please push this post up to let Bethesda aware the seriousness of this glitch.


EDIT: Please Bethesda, we need your response to this issue!

EDIT_2: I suggest everyone should stop buying things especially good weapons from other players for now until Bethesda made a response because I'm afraid the dupped item may have a chance to be removed.

EDIT_3: I'm getting downvoting to hell lol. I just want as many people as possible to speak up and hopefully, Bethesda can "fix" this just like what they did on the Canvas Bag. ūüėõ

EDIT_4: Thank you guys for speaking up! I just want to say Bethesda, IF you guys can't trace back and remove the dupped items, please do these ASAP:

  1. Come up with Dungeon with matchmaking system which drops the higher level/rarity/more powerful weapon/armor which could replace the power level of all current weapons.
  2. Come up with a New Currency which replaces the cap for in-game item/weapon/armor trading because this glitch is already breaking the in-game trading economy.

What do you guys think?

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