When looting for specific materials, be thorough, there is often more than you think. Loot totals for various areas

A couple of times in the last few days I have been to Morgantown highschool on a Plastic run and gotten there to find a handful of plastic pumpkins gone from by the front door and the two stacks of plates missing from the gym. That's it. I go in and clear the rest of the place being sure to grab the plastic knives and forks the plastic golf balls, the plastic pumpkins and the plastic bowling pins, all told about a further 100 plastic.

So for the commonly looted places unless you get at least the following…keep looking.

Morgantown Highschool: at least 120 Plastic (plus a ton of other stuff if you loot thoroughly)

Fort McClintock: In that front foyer there are 34 Battered Clipboards, no more, no less. None in side rooms or upstairs. It seems some know of 32 and a few know of about 20. I have never been there and not found at least 2 (filing cabinet drawer behind desk sergeant)

Weird Cat lover/hater house (North of Bowling Greens) – at least 50 plastic, I think it normally comes to 56, but depends what is inside containers upstairs.

Flatwoods gym – Surprisingly small amount of lead – 32, you can grab a few paintcans from by weapons Workbench in Flatwoods for 11 more

Charleston Fire Station Gym – 118 Lead, look closely at the floor some blend in quite well, again there may be more there than you previously thought.

Sugar Grove – I'll need to go back and get an exact figure but my totals get messed up by all the robot loot. Front office looking area nearly every desk has a clipboard, pen and pencil. Do NOT forget the shelf unit in main control center, a pile of pens, pencils, clipboards and cigarette packets await you there. Also check all desks in same room.

If any others have totals for various places let me know and I will update the post.

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