Far Cry 5

The two sister shown on the cover leak and new trailer are the villains/general analysis.

On the Ubisoft far cry website we learn the twins are named Mickey, described as calculating and Lou described as impulsive and unpredictable that lead a band of scavengers and their next destination is hope county. Also saying "This new world had a lot to give, and we took it all. That's how we came out on top. That's how we got here. That's how we found you." which tells that they're just looking for people to raid.

The website also says "The transformed scenery of Hope County has been reclaimed by nature and is now covered with a lush, colorful super bloom. The harsh winds and rains following the nuclear winter have reshaped the entire landscape and very few structures from the original region remain." Which means that yes, we will most likely be getting a new map, so not like the farcry 4-farcry primal situation.

The website tells us that the peaceful surviving population of the apocalypse are not ready to protect themselves from the highwaymen and must band together but not without your help. So you play as a member of the native hope county population and have to defend against the invading scavengers.

Notes: new animal colorations, new weapons (of course) and the fact that Joseph clearly realizes he messed up (maybe he'll be a good guy this time!) with the quote at the end. Also the logo of the highwaymen is hella cool.

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Source: https://far-cry.ubisoft.com/game/en-us/news-updates/341151/meet-the-twins

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