I just played “against” the pettiest StW player and felt really sad and powerless about the grievances state this game.

Evacuate the Shelter PL100+; griever claims he's gonna build up and we should focus on raising difficulty for more gold. I point out that beyond 1 level rewards aren't satisfying enough, he goes to check my SS1 profile and "shame" me because I haven't done 2000 missions yet (???, I'm PL115) he rants a bit after that and is clear to me that this guy is a jack@$$. Fight begins, I had to build ALL after all, we have 1 AFK at that moment (we did vote on Diff +1, no one else voted a second time but him); griever after a few seconds proceeds to edit/open the walls to make the Shelter take damage, Ray tips me off about the mission being endangered … initially I thought it could've been a glitch or exploit to confuse the Husk AI, but then he proceeds to rant in the chat about me sabotaging the mission… luckily I was recording, had to follow him around and captured his attempts to blame it on me (I guess since if reported they check chat logs and probably not a replay of the mission)… this goes on until the mission (fortunately) succeeds. But the fact that almost a year after, and over 400$ invested in this game I have to deal with this type of people is quite discouraging, this is a coop game, isn't practical to solo a mission even with Defenders, the resource cost is too high. Players like this one don't belong here, and that didn't seemed like his first time doing this.

I'm a grown man, yet I have so much fun with this game and even if I'm taking it too seriously I can't deny I'm really pissed of right now, and I feel hopeless.

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