In the season of giving, we’re going back to 3 alerts per day. End-game players: what will you do now with your spare time?

I don't have much to play for so 3 alerts is roughly one hour a day of StW if I can catch 3 of them at the same time. With the rest of the day, I'm mostly planning on going back to the gym, spending time with my loved ones and maybe some other pastime

All joking aside (especially the gym one), As soon as I'm done with canny part 3 then there's no real reason to have any meaningful grind when there's nothing else to do. Sure, stash llamas are good, but that's rolling the dice on mythics that will most likely not drop. That's a good grind for someone who's in early and mid-game, but for end game players it doesn't mean much

Also, if I've read correctly, these are valued at 1000 tickets. That's rougly 9 missions and change if the values per-mission remain untouched. So that's roughly 1 llama a day for a player in Twine, and ALMOST a llama a day for anyone under that (since canny and below grant less than 100 tickets per mission), so even if it really favors mid-game players, they're getting the short stick of the matter

Now don't get me wrong, this isn't even close to the fiasco that pre-patched cram session was, where there were NO mini boss alerts to begin with, but it strikes me as ironic that we've been getting 10 alerts for 2 seasons (seasons?) in a row, while the (supposedly) most generous and considerate time of the year cuts it off again. I've already whined like a baby shown my opinions on the matter before, so I saw it fit to maybe make one of these again. Thanks for reading

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