My Fortnite Lore posts got stolen word by word and claimed to be made by a Fortnite Youtuber

Edit: I should mention from the start that this is a KNOWN youtuber and the video has 200k views

Title, I just woke up to a message by u/Dafunkyazn3 linking me to this video

As I watched I thought perhaps it would just be someone that researched and had a little of what I said but it wasn't the case.

They straight up used my images and my words, to the order of the information given. Here is my other post so you can compare to the first part of the video

Evidence 1

Second evidence, this was actually an unpopular theory I did, and got slack for it, I said that the glider of the thieves foreshadowed the cube events, he even used my low res screenshot

I could post every screenshot of the video to show that he copied straight up my post but if you watch it, you can already see he even uses my same images to the point he also cropped my own photoshop work.

AND even went far away as copying the 'no importance characters' in the same order.

The second part of the video goes on to my third post, about season 5 characters, you can shamelessly see him zoom in on my post. post for reference

So yeah, this video is completely stolen information and images from mine, to even being so lazy as to re-use my images and crop them instead of at least looking for their own.

I want to make season 6 post as promised but seeing someone claiming my work as theirs is just heartbreaking.


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