Heroes of the Storm

Blizzard, there’s no shame in admitting you made a mistake. You don’t need to introduce sweeping gameplay changes every year if all they do is create problems that weren’t there before.

I actually think the game is in one of the best states it's ever been right now, and I (as well as every pro you ask) am dreading the introduction of these changes to forts. I feel like you guys are fixing something that isn't broken. Getting experience feels good. I'm going to feel disappointed every time I take a fort now.

And while this next point is probably water under the bridge at this point, I think a lot of the same can be said about the ammo changes. No one asked for that, and a year after the fact, there are still a lot of people who feel the offlane wouldn't be as stale as it is now without that change. This incoming change is like that, except far worse.

People like pushing to win. When you actually stand to lose out on experience in the long run by killing their buildings, that's about the most surefire way to create stale gameplay and just make things overall less intuitive, less interactive, and most importantly, less fun.

If you literally just announce that you thought about it and decided it's not happening, the entire community will breathe a sigh of relief. Please don't wait to make sure this change won't crash and burn when every pro in the scene who has given their two cents about it has articulated several reasons why it certainly will.

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