Heroes of the Storm

HOTS has one resource, and only 4 ways to actively acquire it. Removing one guts the game’s strategy.

Hello all, yes this post is in direct protest to the XP changes.

In all mobas there is an economy, usually that’s gold or some other spending resource along with XP. Controlling the economy, whether that be denial to the enemy, efficient gathering yourself or a predetermined plan to maximize those resources plays a huge part in winning a game.

In hots we only have one resource, XP. XP is the only thing that separates teams in terms of power. Therefore, to win a game, a team should take actions to maximize their XP gain, to use said acquired power to push an advantage, create a win condition, or win the game.

Now when it comes to acquiring XP we have 4 active ways to do so; Structures, kills, minions and merc camps. The way these 4 avenues interact creates strategy and game plan. A team has varied and interesting ways to gain the only resource in the game. You can soak and have a jungle, you can have a a roaming duo to gank, kill and deny enemy soak, you can have a global soak while contesting an objective, you can fight over objectives to bring down a fort as a power reward for winning the objective. The list goes on and on of strategies a team can employ to maximize XP gains. But upon removing Structure XP, the game becomes more stale.

By removing a way to get the only thing that makes you more powerful forces teams to lower the amount of strategies to get said resource. To maximize now, you must soak, merc or kills. And we all know minion waves are worth more than kills.

Get ready for passive soak until 20 bois.

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