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Statistics and numbers for upcoming jungle nerfs & rune shards changes

As we all know Riot is planning to nerf power farming junglers because ganking junglers are too dominant. (Cause why not?) The absurdity of this logic can be saved for other posts, but right now in this first portion of this post I'm here to talk about just how much, number-wise, power-farming junglers will be nerfed in the beginning of season 9 compared to the beginning of season 8.

TLDR; A full clear (6 camps + scuttle) in mid-game during the beginning of season 9 is about equivalent to 3.5 camps + scuttle in mid-game during the beginning of season 8.

Alright now that the TLDR is done, here is the key for the numbers:

MONSTER NAME XP a-b ⇒ c-d (e)×f(g)

a = how much exp one gave in season 8 at the start of the game

b = how much exp one gave in season 8 during mid-game

c= how much exp one will give in season 9 at the start of the game

d = how much exp one will give in season 9 during mid-game

e = the mid-game exp difference of a single from season 8 to season 9 (b minus d)

f = the population of in the ally jungle

g = mid-game exp difference when the population of is taken into account (basically e multiplied by f)

Keep in mind I got all these "future season 9 numbers" from Riot Meddler's Quick Gameplay Thoughts in which he stated:

" Camp scaling

  • General Camps : Experience scales to 150% >>> Experience scales to 125%
  • Buff Camps : Experience scales to 157% >>> Experience scales to 125%
  • Scuttle Crab : Gold and Experience Scales to Double base value >>> Scales to 180% of base value"

GROMP XP 115-190 ⇒ 115-143.75 (46.25)×1(46.25)

GREATER MURK WOLF XP 65-107 ⇒ 65-81.25 (25.75)×1(25.75)

MURK WOLF XP 25-41.5 ⇒ 25-31.25 (10.25)×2(20.5)

CRIMSON RAPTOR XP 20-33 ⇒ 20-25 (8)×1(8)

RAPTOR XP 20-33 ⇒ 20-25 (8)×5(40)

ANCIENT KRUG XP 100-165 ⇒ 100-125 (40)×1(40) (reminder: first clear still grants 30% reduced XP)

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KRUG XP 35-58 ⇒ 35-43.75 (14.25)×3(42.75)

LESSER KRUG XP 7-12 ⇒ 7-8.75 (3.25)×6(19.5)

SCUTTLE CRAB XP 115-230 ⇒ 115-207 (23)×1(23)

RED BUFF XP 115-180 ⇒ 115-143.75 (36.25)×1(36.25)

BLUE BUFF XP 115-180 ⇒ 115-143.75 (36.25)×1(36.25)
And now if we are to add up all the "g"s we will get the sum amount of exp difference in the jungle during mid-game from season 8 to season 9.
46.25 + 25.75 + 20.5 + 8 + 40 + 40 + 42.75 + 19.5 + 23 + 36.25 + 36.25 = 338.25

Since in season 9 camps will be worth about 143.75 exp total, compared to season 8 power farming junglers will be getting about ~2.5 camps worth of less exp for each full clear. (338.25/143.75=2.35304347826 ) That's quite significant given there are are only 6 camps to begin with.

Small note for anyone extra interested: you will also be missing out 14g from scuttle crab. Other nerfs include: Reduced gold from minions under certain circumstances and red/blue smite nerfs.

Now onto Stat Shards. Here are all the updated Gold Values for the upcoming changes to stat shards:

5.4 AD = 189g

9 AP = 195.75g

10% as = 250g

10% cdr = 26.6g-266g (13.3g per lvl)

6 armor = 120g

8 mr = 144g

15-90 hp = 39g-234g (10.88g per lvl)

Ending Note:

The current complaint about junglers is that they gank too much. By nerfing power farming junglers so heavily you will have even more ganking junglers picked which will make the complaints even worse.

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