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Why is there no info or hype or anything other than this random tweet about new season start?

"It's preseason bro,chill." 0/4 nunu

"Having fun,just preseason games,i don't care." 1/6 yasuo

"Just trying new stuff out,hihihih." 0/3 Morde

You probably saw these sentences if you played league in this preseason which is quite long :).So i was wondering when is the new season starting,where is the info?

So i did the logical thing and went to the main lol site https://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/ and guess what,i couldnt find shit.It is clear that there is something wrong here if i can't even learn this info from the main site with at most a few clicks but nope.Then i googled if there was anything else around since there is a date people know and i found only this


Okay,okay.If this is how i get to know the season start date,imo it shows that riot doesnt care about the league start(Im not talking about the pro leagues btw).So why should players give a shit at this point?There were already enough reasons for people to grief a game but now there is 1 more.Most people already moved to other games for the preseason at this point.


Put a goddamn countdown on the main site,don't just make videos for the esports side of things and put an actual intro for the new season with the new things you put with the patches(whoops they didn't do much other than turret plates,guess they can show 5ms nerfs :)))))ok change it back just put some hype fights put the new grandmaster tier iron tier and slam your logo.Basically show people that you care about the new season so that people care too.Don't just let players stay in limbo.

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