Sea of Thieves

Pirate Legends should have the ability to summon storms during timed events in exchange for athena rewards.

My friends and I were talking about how defeating the Meg or the Kraken would be fitting objectives for pirate legends. But there is a problem : Pirate legends want Athena reputation, and developers (understandably) don't want newcomers stumble upon this rep without having a pirate legend on their crew. This means that the Meg can't just drop an athena chest whenever it dies, because then any new player could relatively easily raise their athena rep without even knowing what it's for.

My suggestion is this : When a pirate legend is in one of the following situations :

  • Fighting the Kraken
  • Fighting Meg
  • Fighting Skeleton Ships
  • At a skeleton Fort

The pirate legend could start playing the legend shanty. After a few seconds of doing it, a magical and gloomy effect would occur (Possibly similar to what happened when summoning Meg during Hungering Deep?). Then, heavy fog or a storm could appear in the area, while the fight gets buffed (More health? More skeleton waves? New fight mechanics? or maybe the storm/fog suffices in making the fight harder). From now on, if the fight is won, the Kraken/Meg/Skeleton Ships/Fort Captain will drop an athena chest (or a lesser piece of athena loot) that can be turned in at the tavern in exchange for rep.

One of the most fun things in Sea of Thieves is that you never know what will happen during your adventure. However, once you're a pirate legend, you have incentive to ignore many of these events.

This idea reuses many systems already in place in the game to greatly benefit the pirate legend experience : It would encourage pirate legends to take part into something else than just Athena and PvP. Additionally, summoning the storm/fog in this way would be a very epic sight for newer players, who would want to unlock this power more than ever.

What do you think?

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