Are refugees bugged in 2.2? They no longer give the ethics of their home nation so they are only a bonus to anyone who receives them, which seems like a huge waste of potential to the game and they don’t make any sense.

Sort of continuing the conversation from this thread, /u/byonexus discovered with the new economy system that refugees will actually start to overcrowd your worlds and drop your economy. This is a really interesting and cool idea that has a ton of potential.


Then, however, other users pointed out that the drop is only temporary, and that no matter what eventually refugees would be a net positive for your economy. So that kind of takes away the possibilities and feeling of a "refugee crisis". It also means setting refugee intake to 'off' will never make any sense gameplay-wise. So an entire section of your policy list is now worthless.


Some users think this is because refugees are not actual pops moving to your empire anymore, the game just calculates if refugees should be appearing and just adds more pops to your empire that are the refugee species. One problem with that: They have your empire's ethics.

I doubt this was intentional, or maybe it was overlooked, but it would be nice if the Dev team looked into this issue.


Bug: refugees pops are not physically moving from their home nation, the game is just generating more citizens for the nation intaking refugees. Also refugees do not arrive with their home nation ethics.

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