I’m into writing heavy backstory for my empires, I made these two connected empires and cant decide which one to play

Help me decide which I should play

The Free Kedashi Union

The Kedash were not always the dominate species on Hydax. Raxdar, an intelligent and decadent race ruled over the Kedash and used them as slaves. The Raxdar represented the upper class of society since the beginning of known time. However, a disease began to spread among the Raxdar, one which the Kedash were resistant to. The weakened Raxdar were no longer able to resist the overwhelming number of Kedashi rebels, looking to end their perpetual slavery. In desperate displays of power the Raxdar managed to nearly destroy their homeworld as they escaped into the stars. In the crumbling ruins of Hydax a new society would be formed by the former slaves. The Free Kedashi Union looked to avenge the mistreatment of their ancestors. Now with all the power of New Hydax, they looked to the stars for revenge against their former oppressors.

The Raxdar Empire

The Raxdar were once the rulers of a planet known as Hydax, but a terrible calamity occurred. A disease spread and nearly wiped out the Raxdar race. The subservient species, the Kedashi, managed to mount a large rebellion against their long-time masters. The Raxdar were forced to flee from their homeworld. They bombed Hydax as much as the technology of the time allowed to make sure their former slaves would not come after them. It is assumed that everything on Hydax has been destroyed, but there are some skeptics that believe some Kedashi may have survived. Adjusting to a new life without a subservient species was tumultuous for Raxdar society. Art and science degraded and for the first time, some Raxdar were forced into slavery. For many years, rich lords separated and there was no longer much a centralized government. Until our glorious emperor Hask Kalass, a rich lord from the southern lands, decided his goal was to reunite the Raxdar Empire. One by one lesser lords fell to his power, until there was only one. Lord Kalass managed to restore art and technology to Raxdar society, as he looked to the stars to find new lands to bring under his control.

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