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Hi! I’m new. I want to create a big, heavily-armored Orc warrior to smash things with. Looking for class advice!

Hello! 🙂

Which class do you guys recommend for someone who wants to play a strong and sturdy Orc warrior character? Ideally, I would want to get as close as possible to this archetype:

  • People will be in awe at the size of this lad. An absolute unit.

  • Switches between a two-handed weapon and dual wielding.

  • Can take lots of punishment. He'll always try to dodge enemy attacks, but he is fat from eating his enemies, so he would like to be able to survive if he can't roll to safety every single time.

  • Can survive solo against elite enemies and other challenges designed for groups.

  • Will travel the world and gain experience as stamina DPS, but once he is fully experienced and is spending most of his time delving into dungeons with groups, he wants to be a tank.

  • Doesn't much care for magical sparkly effects on his skills – he'd like to be as close to a pure, down-to-earth warrior as possible.

  • He wants nothing to do with bows, except maybe to whittle them down into toothpicks.

I know that all 5 classes can carry a two-hander and get suited up in heavy (cosmetic) armor for DPS, but I'm still not super clear as to the differences between the classes when they're identically kitted out.

I'm not into stealth or using shiny sun powers, so I don't think I want to go Nightblade or Templar. That leaves Dragon Knight, Sorcerer, and Warden.

Stamina Dragon Knight sounds like the most brutish and physical of the three, but I've also heard that Stamina Sorcerers do insane AoE and are incredible solo, and I've also heard that Stamina Wardens are in a very good place right now for both group and solo content – though I don't know if it'd be viable to play one without using a bow.

Thanks for reading! I'm looking forward to bashing some skulls. 🙂

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