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[PSA] Current Game Bundle Versions for Purchase – Morrowind Chapter ***is not*** included with every base game inside.

I have been answering a few threads since all the sales started and many have been confusing people with the statement that "the base game now includes Morrowind DLC" when advising which bundle to purchase or "what to buy to get all of the DLC".

  • Morrowind Chapter is now a Crown Store DLC.

  • The Warden class is now an upgrade in the Crown Store. It should still be included in any Morrowind Chapter listed on a vendor.

  • The Morrowind Chapter is still being sold separately or as an upgrade in certain bundles.

  • The only bundles that include the Morrowind Chapter are:

    • ZOS, PSN, XBOX – The Elder Scrolls® Online Standard Edition – Base Game + Morrowind Chapter
    • ZOS, PSN, XBOX – The Elder Scrolls Online: Collection – Base game + Summerset Chapter + Morrowind Chapter + Imperial City, Orsinium, Thieves Guild, and Dark Brotherhood DLC
  • All of the Summerset Standard or Collector's Editions or Upgrades include only the Base Game + Summerset Chapter

Please when suggesting what to buy to get "all" the content, explain the only way to get Morrowind Chapter is Crown Store, Standard Edition, Collectors Edition or ESO+ Subscription.

ZOS Store

Microsoft Store – XBOX

PSN Store

ESO+ Subscription

In-Game Crown Store DLC:

Imperial City 2500
Orsinium 3000
Thieves Guild 2000
Dark Brotherhood 2000
Guilds and Glory Pack (4 DLC above) 5500
Shadows of the Hist 1500
Morrowind 3500
Warden Class 1500
Horns of the Reach 1500
Clockwork City 2000
Dragon Bones 1500
Wolfhunter 1500
Murkmire 2000
Murkmire Collectors Bundle 4000

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