The Witcher

What is your image of Geralt which you could share with us? Could be any media, videos, wallpapers, artwork, just an image that has rang true for you? Also, a few thoughts on Geralt’s looks.

I'm reading Sword of Destiny now so I keep imagining him. The image in my mind kind of differs from the ones I'm about to show you but they're somewhat based upon the two I'm about to link.

My image of him is usally the one shown in the

for Witcher 3. There is something about the face that really matches my image of him, he might be just a bit too handsome even in that trailer but definitely scary enough.

Also, this artwork, from this artist regularly pops up.

What are your images that portrays Geralt the best according to you?

Two side notes

  1. After reading the books my image changed a bit, to a leaner and less handsome but scary individual. So far in the books, it has been mentioned that Geralt "smiled ugly" or such, I love it, also he is definitely a more complex character so far in the books and more… scary somehow. Of course, still love the game. I know he probably doesn't have a beard but come on, in stories like a little sacrifice extremely minor Spoiler

  2. I was not far in the books when Cavill was announced. I thought all right, I'll give him a shot. However, I've been very surprised by the depth of emotions and complications (which I love) of Geralt and other characters so far! Stories like A shard of Ice and A little sacrifice have blown me away and I'm sceptical if Cavill has that acting range, but we'll see.


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