Are Warframes Driven mad from the Memories of their Past, or by Something else, Like the Infested Hivemind?

I've had a previous discussion if Warframes were merely Machine/Frame or Golem/Entity 2 years ago, and it would appear that Warframes are more of a Entity, one that can possess memories of the past, and be haunted by it, as Demonstrated by Umbra, how he can possess the Dax Soldier's memories.

So right now I'm questioning if Warframes are driven mad by the memories of their past, or possibly from the noise from the Infested Hivemind (they are immune however from infestation)

Things we do know:

  • Warframes are made of a combination or Orokin Tech, and Infested matter (Helminth strain)

  • Warframes are people transformed by the Helminth Strain (rendering immune to the infested)

  • Warframes can possess memories of the past as seen by Umbra

  • Warframes are living pro tip^

  • You can Hear Helminth, and other intelligent Infested (debatable if you can hear during Operator)

  • The Tenno connection can be sent Unconsciously (see Rhino Prime Lore)

Things I am unsure about:

  • The Warrior's Warframe design is created Before or After Helminth Strain intervention (Specifically Warriors who died e.g. Mirage, Octavia, & Limbo)

  • Rhino Prime lore, the storage for Zariman is for the Stasis Children, or worse, corpses.

If I get anything wrong, or information skewered, please leave a comment below with a relevant link, and I'll fix it accordingly.

I will try to amass more information if we get a full discussion going.

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