With every new player I’ve tried to get into the game I encounter the same problem; they claim the game is repetitive or has nothing for them to do.

…and almost always I find out they just try to blast through every single node on the star chart. My advice to them is to focus on completing the quests, and this in turn will naturally push them through the star chart.

Another problem is that I always need to tell them they can craft weapons. They see the platinum icon on weapons in the arsenal and think the game is pay to win or that all the cool stuff is locked behind a paywall, when in fact it's super-easy to craft the majority of weapons in the game.

My suggestion to DE is this;

1) Replace the plat cost in the arsenal with "BLUEPRINT: x CREDITS" and when clicked on, will show the crafting requirements and also give an option to buy the crafted weapon with plat.

2) Auto-activate an available quest when pre-requisites have been met, or have a message somewhere that says "Quests are available! Check your codex" on the navigation screen. Just some way to let players know that there is a massive change in gameplay once the Second Dream quest is completed, and that there is a good reason for them to stay invested instead of just rushing through every off-the-side node on planets that don't matter unless you're trying to get extractors or access to Arbitrations.

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