Warhammer: Vermintide

Just wanted to say that for the beta they purposely overtuned some stuff so that we’d give feedback on it.

Like this:

* We have received a lot of feedback that both Brace of Pistols and Repeater Handgun are performing below expectation. Therefore we want to experiment with increasing their output quite drastically. We would appreciate a lot of play-testing and feedback from you all with this change.

And this:

For this update we want to experiment with increasing the efficiency of all the temporary health talents quite substantially. This take intends to make most combinations of talents and weapons at least viable while making a good talent/weapon combination very strong. Increasing the decay rate of temp health made some of the talents perform below expectation with certain weapons. By keeping the decay rate but increasing the amount of health you receive we hope to strike a nice middle-ground where it’s possible to build up a strong buffer of temporary health in combat but it won’t be as readily available once the dust has settled. Please try it out and discuss this change on the forums, your feedback is very important when tweaking this.

Making posts on reddit about how something is OP isn't really helping. They already know it's OP, they want some feedback on how it feels and how it could be made better and not OP in the future.


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