World of Tanks

After unlocking the Bat.-Châtillon 155 58 I now understand just how miserable 3 arty per game can be.

Firstly I must point out that I don't particularly enjoy playing arty and to get to tier 10 a shit load of free XP was used. I wanted a tier 10 for missions, principally the object 260 spg ones. I liked the mobility of the french SPGS and the turreted design.

However, the point of the post is that with the auto-loader and another couple of other clickers who have even an inkling of working together I have seen just how fucking miserable it can be to be focused fired. I have been on the receiving end before but seeing a big heavy focused fired to death within 30 seconds of being spotted has really highlighted how terrible having 3xarty in game can be. Personally I think WG has thrown petrol on the fire by including missions that can only be completed by arty. This has been noticeable in tier 10 games as high tier arty makes the missions easier.

/shitpost I feel dirty and need to have a shower with bleach.


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