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[PSA] Policy for “Premium Ship Restoration” got reworked, in the favour of the player, especially those in EU or ASIA. Time-limit got removed.

Previously there was a pretty big discrepancy between servers in terms of requirements to get a reversal of a selling (accidental or not) of a premium ship. On EU only actions from the last 2 months could be looked at, one had to have played a battle in a ship (proving "active ownership") and there was only one clemency per account, ever. On ASIA only actions from the last 12 months could be looked at, with again only one clemency per account, ever. NA on the other hand had 4 clemencies per year, with 5 ships per clemency, but required "active ownership" and could only look into actions in the running calendar year.

This now all got reworked since November 1st, and got harmonised across the globe. Now it boils down to:

  • 1 request every 6 months, but one can add as many ships in 1 request without any limit (you can file 1 request with 20 ships, but not 2 requests with 2 ships, unless the 2nd request happens 6 months after the first one)
  • one has to have the credits & port slot readily available, or the doubloons in case of Perth, Belfast or Kutuzov that got sold during the smoke-rework.

That's it. There is no time limit anymore during which one had to apply for a clemency. You can now restore (deliberate) mindfucks/errors regardless of when those happened. So CAT/CBT testers who sold their Iwaki/Arkansas in the early days now, in theory, can get them back. I've tried it yesterday to get the Belfast back I sold during the smoke-changes, and after having to escalate an automated bot-response with the link to the article, I got credited with the ship without an issue. Also event-ships like the ARP-ones fall under this policy.

EU: click
ASIA: click
NA: click


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