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Battlefield V Chapter 1: Overture Release Timing Confirmed & Update Notes

Hi Battlefield V Community,

We’re proud to inform you that the Battlefield V Tides of War Chapter 1: Overture Update has been fully approved – all issues have been resolved and we’re ready to release!

The Battlefield V Tides of War Chapter 1: Overture Update will begin rolling out to each platform according to the release timing and downtime windows below:

  • Download Available Starting: Wednesday, December 5th at 12am PT / 3am ET / 8am UTC / 9am CET
  • Downtime: Expecting 1-hour downtime per platform
  • Update Accessibility:
    • PC – Wednesday, Dec 5th at 1am PT / 4am ET / 9am UTC / 10am CET
    • PlayStation 4 – Wednesday, Dec 5th at 2am PT / 5am ET / 10am UTC / 11am CET
    • Xbox One – Wednesday, Dec 5th at 3am PT / 6am ET / 11am UTC / 12pm CET
  • Battlefield V Tides of War Chapter 1: Overture Update Notes

Thank you for your patience and understanding while we ensured that the update is up to quality.

Please join us tomorrow as we sit down with our DICE Developers to answer outstanding questions around the Chapter 1: Overture Update in a Reddit AMAA (Ask Me Almost Anything) on the Battlefield V subreddit at 10a PT / 1p ET / 7p CET.

We hope you enjoy the update and look forward to your feedback!

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