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For the love of everything that is holy and good in this world, r/BFV mods, please

Put up a pinned post that explains to all the whining id*ots that:

  1. Tides of War has been planned from the get go to have a chronological narrative behind it, and with every subchapter it moves further through the War
  2. Though Weaponry will be added based on need or the theme of the chapter, all new maps will follow this chronological structure. This means we will get maps later in the war, Later in the Tides of war too.
  3. Factions will most likely be added once we reach a significant event where they deployed in the Tides of War.
  4. Stalingrad won't be coming any time soon if its coming at all, it was late 1942 and we are still early 1940
  5. D-Day isn't coming any time soon, it happened in mid 1944 and we are still early 1940
  6. Iwo Jima isn't coming any time soon if its coming at all, it was in early 1945 and we are still early 1940
  7. Whining will not convince DICE to completely scrap the tides of war system.
  8. With the timeline of the War, it is completely possible for America to be the last faction to be added out of the 4 major unaccounted factions. Deal with it, and go on with your life.
  9. And most importantly: WW2 didn't consist entirely of the media you consumed in the late 00's. Normandy was more than Band of Brothers and Saving Private Ryan, Iwo Jima and Okinawa are basically footnotes in the Pacific War (Due to the nuclear bombings overwriting the need for the invasion for which they were staging points), and Stalingrad was simply the most propagandized part of the turnaround of the German invasion, not the most important one; that'd be the encirclement operation that allowed for Stalingrad in the first place. and all of you fu*kers are armchair WW2 experts at best and uneducated morons at worst, who base your entire knowledge base on literal pieces of propaganda, which is what almost every American war movie was based on, which is in turn what every video game emulated. Important/impactful and Iconic are not fu*king synonyms,
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Edit: Small timeline correction

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