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Here’s the transcript from DICE explaining the Panzerfaust buffs over their Twitch stream

Taken from . Word for word.

Are we making any changes to the Panzerfaust? Absolutely!

The Panzerfausts are now designed to be simple ranged damage against tanks, and have been adjusted to have less spiky damage. The previous damage model relied heavily on the angle of attack, which played against infantry since infantry rarely can pick their angle of attack against tanks.

Poor hits could gravely punish the shooter with as low as just 5 damage per hit. The new model has reduced the maximum range output of the projectile, especially against the rear of the tank. However, it now guarantees far better damage for poor hits, around 2-3x more damage.

So, for example, the previous poor hit that would give just 5 damage will now give 15 damage. In addition, Panzerfausts are now extremely potent against the parts of the tank, meaning that it will more easily disable turrets, tracks and engines, and give the attacking infantry a boost in fighting the vehicle. Note that a part disable is not guaranteed with a hit.

So, we buffed 'em up.

So….does anyone else here feel that Panzerfausts were suffering from "poor hits", or that Assaults needed a "boost in fighting the vehicle" ?

Does anyone feel that Assaults needed an easier time to disable tracks, turrets, and engines?

Assaults needed a boost against tanks? Seriously? Are DICE devs playing the same Battlefield 5 as us?

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