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Petition: Fixing the death-spotting mechanic has to be priority #1 and it needs to be done NOW, not with the next update

First, here's a link from Dice community manager to explain what I am talking about for the unaware:

I get that its on their radar and they are going to fix it with the next update, but frankly, it is game breaking. Pull whatever resources from other projects you need too, but this needed to be fixed Day 1. Most players I've been talking about it to in game chat aren't even aware this 'feature' exists. When I tell them about it, the universal reaction is that it is a shit idea. I've yet to find anyone who thinks it belongs in the game. The mechanic makes zero sense; it literally punishes you for getting kills. It hamstrings any ability to flank or surprise the enemy. It gives tanks and planes your location because you made the mistake of killing an enemy. For god's sake, the recon flashlights and the tracer rounds already give anyone who isn't Stevie Wonder a great indication of where campers are. Why is this in the game?

For anyone who wants to be a developer-apologist and start telling me how DICE is so active in the community and they are listening and working on it… the game is a product, people paid for it, and this mechanic needs to be fixed. If you got sold a car without airbags, would you just say to yourself "gee, they sure are trying hard and its overall a decent vehicle. I'm sure they'll get it right eventually."? No, you wouldn't, so get off your high horse and stop treating companies like they aren't responsible for the things they create. This isn't personal, it's just business.

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