CoD: Black Ops 4

Activision and Treyarch are EQUALLY guilty of the way the game is. Lets stop defending Treyarch like they have nothing to do with it.

Activision is by no means a fan favorite but Treyarch is and I think everyone is giving them a pass, and you shouldn't.

—Lets also not forget that every time something doesn't work, or something needs to be addressed, David Vonderhaar is posting some half ass cocky or sarcastic response and cant take anything serious. I get hes a fun and down to earth guy, but there's also time to be fucking serious and address stuff like a developer and not the cool camp counselor who smokes with the kids.

—Now the Black Ops Pass is another animal. They took year long content drops and put them into a single pass to stop the dividing of the community over time, which is very good. But lets not forget that they are giving less content and charging full price for it! Yes, in recent years map packs have included less and less content but the Black Ops Pass is short a whole 4 maps compared to any other season pass. Not to mention Zombies only gets 1 map per DLC drop. Also, lighting adjusted maps aren't "new" maps, they are the result of someones free time to change lighting and probably takes a few days at most to get them running. It would have been nice for Black Ops Pass owners to at least get a discount to their bullshit black Market system, but no, the people who give them $120+ at launch dont get any special treatment other than a skin that's exclusive to the MX9….oh wait, nvm, thats on sale atm for $10.

Activision is the reason every inch of the game has CoD points written on it.

Treyarch is the reason for:

losing progress on challenges

losing calling cards

not gaining tier progress

Xbox players are having connectivity issues

Zombies lacks content

Zombies high rounds are broken

Shit leaderboard's on Zombies

Read:  As an experienced player in Blackout, here are my thoughts on what needs to be improved.

Reselling exclusive masterworks

Theater mode being broken

I'm sure this list goes on and on. Seriously, lets also blame the people who made the game.

Edit: added more issues

Edit 2: Added some stuff about "Lord Vonderhaar" and Black Ops Pass

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