CoD: Black Ops 4

Domination – why is it only 100 points for a cap and 125 for an objective kill? Teammates never play the objective.

For most cods now, domination has always been my favoured game mode. I prefer the objective-based game-play and its also to do with knowing where the enemy is spawning. However, I've always remembered that capping B or an enemy flag was worth 200 points, as was killing an enemy whilst doing so. But now, its just 100 and 125, respectively. I don't know why they have done this, and if anyone knows why I would appreciate it. I just feel as if there is now so much less incentive to capture B – which you pretty much need to win. Unless I play with at least one friend, then I find it nigh on impossible to cap B by myself. Not to mention, how much quicker it caps with 2 or 3 on it.

I think there are a lot of people who play dom with no intention of winning – just getting easier kills. But if they made the capture point back to 200, everyone would be rewarded so much more – and maybe actually have a chance of earning a 550 point UAV…lol

Another thing I have noticed, is that teammates never seem to cap the home flag at the beginning of the game! I'm always rushing to B to secure it, but they are never anywhere to be seen…so they must just completely ignore both. So I'm always torn between staying and ensuring we actually have a flag in case I die on B, or just rushing to B and capping the spawn flag when I next die. Maybe they could increase the capture points for the spawn flag to 75 or something? I dont have many suggestions for this but its just really annoying when playing an objective-based gamemode.

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