CoD: Black Ops 4

People who complain about leavers obviously don’t understand that the team balancing is stacked against solo players who are decent

It is what it is. So many times you'll see a post on this sub about someone bitching that leavers are making the match not fun to play because the teams are imbalanced.

In my eyes, most of the people making such complaints are those who are either bad players or those who run in parties. Because the reason why most decent solo players leave matches midway is because their team is either garbage of the enemy team is playing in a party. Some bad players don't like it when their better teammates leave because they suck and need a higher skilled player to fall back to, and the party on the enemy team won't like it because there's one less person to kill.

I'm a solo player whose in seventh prestige and I boast a decent KD ratio. And because of this, I get the suckiest players one can fathom. And not only this, because I constantly get matched against parties of average players. I can hold my own, but my sucky teammates can't and they're nothing but free kills, and when the big streaks come out to play, winning the game is fucking impossible.
Even in mercenary playlist, the game repeats itself and I act accordingly; by quitting early.

Because of this, I always leave matches early either by force quitting the game or just leaving the lobby. I don't do this because I'm scared of my KD ratio dropping, I do this because I don't want to waste my fucking time and frustrate myself by playing with dumb fucks who treat this game as a cooking simulator and go sextuple negative.
I play this game to enjoy myself. Not to constantly get mad because my teammates are playing like shit.

If my teammates opt to play like shit and feed the enemy team, they can go right on ahead. But I'm not going to get myself involved, waste my time and ultimately piss myself the fuck off by fighting a losing battle.
I play BO4 to have fun. Not to lose my sanity.

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