God of War

A lot of people seem to be underappreciating this important aspect of GOW, when its possibly one the best achievements in gaming history. Let’s talk about it!

GOW has rightfully won GOTY, and it was truly one fucking masterpiece. What makes this game good, like many other games, was the amazing story line, along side its it's great character arc. HOWEVER, what makes this one special, is the fact that THE ENTIRE GAME IS PLAYED IN ONE ENTIRE CINEMATIC SHOT! No game will ever be much more immersive than this. We never left kratos and atreus's side, not once did we cut away into a different scene…do you know how hard this was to achieve? It was fucking beautiful and it is perhaps the most overlooked aspect of the game. This feature alone is worthy of an award. Movies nowadays are beginning to incorporate this much more, at least that I know of. Take Creed 1 for example. That long take, during one of boxing rounds, was simply amazing. You are so into the match and what the characters feel. This was just for one scene though, and it's completely understandable because clearly, it's much harder to achieve this in movies but just like in games, there is a shit ton of choreography involved. Another example, the Aquaman trailer….I know y'all noticed that long take, on the roof, were mera is being chased…that shit was amazing man….such things are worthy of much respect and appreciation. Any game can be fun and cool, but when a game is being judge, such things can't go unnoticed. So with this being said, ALL NOMINEES WERE AMAZING. SPIDER-MAN was dope af, RDR2 may be one of the best games out there (although I myself have yet to play it), but not one of these games deserves this award more than GOW. GOW has multiple games behind it to support the development of kratos. But that in itself is what makes the game much more emotional and grounding. You witness, first hand, a fucking savage ass murderer, become this grounded person and one who is ashamed of his past, and all in the presence of an innocent child. That's the power of love and children. Everyone here will eventually keep things from their children, because you care and you want to protect his or her innocence at the sacrifice of your emotions. It's no longer what you want, but what is right for your kid. This is maturity, albeit a brutal type of maturity lol, at it's finest. I mention all this because some people need clarification as to why this game beat RDR2. So many people ignore this simple feature, especially now with all the hype and hate around this game winning the best award. Feel free to leave your opinion 🙂

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