God of War

Can somebody eli5 the GoW story leading up to the new God of War? Also, does the game ever get as epic as the old games?

So, a billion years ago I played God of War and II, and if I remember correctly Kratos was a soldier who full on hulk rage, killed his wife and children(?), then got pissed at the gods and vowed vengeance, and went stomping around murdering lots of creatures from Greek mythology and trying to kill the Gods.

I picked up God of War 2018 and now he’s an old sad guy with a wife who’s died recently and a kid, and he looks tired, less ragey. And he’s not in Ancient Greece anymore? He’s walking around in snowy wilderness? Was just wondering if somebody could fill me in on what happened.

Also, in the old games the action was for the most part super hectic button mashing brawling against monsters out of Greek mythology, with the occasional super amazingly epic set piece / fight – gigantic 50 foot statues coming to life, Poseidon making a giant a multi-horse tentacle waterspout, that you have to fight, having fights while crawling all over Titans as they ascended Olympus, seeing the gigantic Titan Atlas holding up the world, huge city-sized buildings being dragged around by absolutely massive horses. Does this game ever get me that kind of stuff again? I’m actually losing a bit of interest killing these things that might as well be zombies. I also just kind of miss the Greek mythology aesthetic (where are my centaurs and Minotaurs?) and am wondering if I should push through.


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