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Why do people want these new games to be copy-paste of the original trilogy but with a different setting?

I've seen loads of comments and posts regarding how cool it would be to see Kratos defeat the Norse pantheon the same way he did the Greek one. How would that be cool? It would be the most boring thing ever. It just seems like a lot of people don't want to the new series to try anything different and want GoW to be as formulaic as an episode of Scooby-Doo.

Are people just afraid of change in any form? Do you just want Kratos to travel the globe and kill every single pantheon there is in the exact same way?

This new series is supposed to be a different take on Kratos and his inner turmoil. His son is also a moral compass for him in ways that his old family were not. He's already shown in the new game that he's no longer interested in merciless slaughter, such as when he ordered Loki not to kill Modi even though he had insulted both him and Faye multiple times during their last fight and nearly caused his son to die. Whereas before he would just snap someones neck for that, like he did to Hera.

I'm genuinely curious why some are so scared of the notion that GoW could evolve and do something completely new, like have a new protagonist in the form of Loki and/or having Kratos die. That would truly be a very interesting thing to see and play. A series needs to evolve, and a part of that means trying out new protagonist. Could you imagine if Assassins Creed still had Altair as its protagonist? People would have stopped playing that series a very long time ago. Yes there were people back then saying that Altair IS Assassins Creed and it would die without him, the same way fans of Uncharted are claiming Nathan Drake is the only thing that makes the franchise worth playing.

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