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My journey to complete absolutely every quest in all of Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate has finally come to an end.

And when I say every quest… I mean LITERALLY EVERY LAST QUEST! NO EXCEPTIONS!

In all my time playing MHGen since July 15th, 2016… Transfering my data to MHGU on August 28th, 2018… To the date of this post; January 12th, 2019… I have completed all of the following…

Every Training Quest… Every Low Rank Village Quest… Every High Rank Village Quest… Every Advanced Village Quest… Every Low Rank Hub Quest… Every Low Rank Event Quest… Every High Rank Hub Quest… Every High Rank Event Quest… Every G Rank Pub Quest… Every G Rank Event Quest… Every Prowler Quest Across All Ranks… Every Arena Quest… Every Challenge Quest… And Every Special Permit Quest Including All 18 Extreme Deviants!


This has been one Hell of a long fun grind. I have completely dominated & conquered everything that Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate has to offer.

I don't know how many quests Capcom put into this game. I don't have the patience to count nor do I know anyone who does… but I beat all of them! And I couldn't be more satisfied.

I literally gained 250 HR Level Ups from completing all of these quests. (Plus farming some Deviants & Hypers on the side to get better G Rank gear.) That's an entire 4th of the Maximum Hunter Rank just from completing every quest.

To all those who remember the In-Game-Name "Tom_Bomb" …You deserve all my Thanks for helping me accomplish this goal. You're all awesome!

As for what I'm gonna do now… Well… I think I'm gonna take a break from MHGU for a while. World has some exciting stuff to look forward to soon so I'm gonna focus all my attention & efforts on that for the time being.

When I do end up returning to MHGU, I still have to farm Ahtal Ka for all her equipment, make some new sets & upgrade my High Rank gear that I haven't touched since the transfer.

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Now I must rest.

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