Red Dead Redemption 2

People have to stop complaining, the payouts have become absolutely insanely good, and if you make them lower it any more the game is going to get really boring, really fast.

Seriously, rockstar gives you 15 gold bars and $250 for free, you win a showdown, you get $30 now. You don’t win, you do absolutely dog shit and you still get $10. The end of the story you get like $250 again, throughout levelling up you get treasure maps where you can get 3 gold in total, $400 over levelling up only 25 times. Not to mention how there’s no point in buying food. Travel, find a buck, chase it down, lasso it, kill it with your knife, it’s a clean kill so if it was perfect it stays perfect. You skin it, you get 3 venison/big game/pork chops and I forgot the names of the types of meats, but you get what I mean. One piece of meat refilled all cores completely. You don’t need to buy beans.

Not to mention the best gun in the game is also the cheapest. The varmint rifle, was $72 before they decreased the price by 40%. Anyone can hit headshots with that, with the highest fire rate. All you really need that costs any money is the fast travel at camp, a bolt action rifle (for showdown it’s meh, but for free roam you need to kill some big game. Use the lasso and mostly everything else in between, varmint rifle on the small game.)

If you keep telling rockstar to lower prices, raise pay outs, people will have everything they need before online DLCs come out. The red Arabian would be the next Scrawny Nag if things continue this way, everyone will have the best horse, the best guns, the best everything. And after that, when all the money making DLCs come out, like GTAV:O heists, who the fuck cares, everyone already has thousands of dollars anyways to buy whatever goodies come out of that DLC.

It’s good what this community has done, and that big update has drastically improved this game, but now the complaining is going too far, the game won’t be fun anymore at this rate.

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