Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Online Beta Daily Megathread – 12/03/2018 – Gameplay Questions, Images of Online, Missions, General Discussion.

This Megathread will be remade daily at 8:30AM EST.

Content that belongs in this Megathread should be:

  • General discussion of RDOnline

  • Questions about RDOnline

  • Images of Online

  • Discussion about missions

Character Creation Contest Winners

  1. Best Male look-a-like from Single Player

    • Winner: /u/jedijosh920 for their remake of Javier Escuella
    • Runner-up: /u/McKrabz for their remake of Young Reverend Swanson
  2. Best Female look-a-like from Single Player

    • Winner: /u/erotic_rook for their remake of Sadie
    • Only 1 person entered this category (If I am wrong let me know)
  3. Best original male character

    • Winner: /u/Silioth for their character Silas Jones
    • Runner-up: /u/ninj4pirate for their character Hawk
  4. Best original female character

    • Winner: /u/hailteamore7 for their Gringa Bandita
    • Runner-up: /u/B1TCRUSHER for their character
    • Runner-up 2: /u/Kimbobbins for their character Jesse-Kim
  5. Ugliest Male Character

    • Winner: /u/nattynate12 for their character Cricket
    • Runner-up: /u/mfhayes23 for their character Boy Finger
  6. Ugliest Female Character

    • Winner: /u/smurphy74133 for their character
    • Runner-up: /u/brotherlymoses for their character Human Deterrent

Awards will be given out on user's most recent comment.

SAME type of post are submitted we may restrict that content to these Megathreads.>

We're seeking additional moderators, apply here.

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