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War Thunder – The game is based around combined arms battles on air, land, and sea with vehicles from the Civil War to today.

War Thunder

War Thunder 1.89 Dev Server Datamine

us_adats_bradley am_1_mauler germ_flarakpz_1 me_264 ussr_9p149 ussr_skr_groza_1943 uk_stormer_hvm hunter_f6 uk_cruiser_southampton jp_type_16 ah_1s j5n1 jp_t14_class jp_type_t1_1941 jp_type38_1944 jp_karotei_type2 jp_abtei_pr1 jp_abtei_pr4 jp_sehatei_mod1 jp_type5_escortboat jp_no1_ch2 jp_no4_ch8 jp_kusen_tei_13_1944 jp_t51b jp_type_11_pt_15 jp_escort_chikugo_class jp_destroyer_mutsuki jp_destroyer_fubuki… Continue reading