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10 cheap games you might enjoy but didn’t care about

Gamingtodaynews1f - 10 cheap games you might enjoy but didn't care about

Hi ps4! A couple of weeks ago I made a post asking if you’d be interested in a recompilation of cheap games with a short review for our beloved system and since the post got lots of love here I am presenting you the first part. I figured I should do this in a few posts so I don’t bore you with a wall of text, so let’s start with just 10. All of the games I’ll review are either very very cheap (since they are old AAA games or indie games) or have been free with PS Plus a in the past year or so and might be collecting cybernetic dust on your digital library. Keep in mind English is not my first language so excuse any mistakes I might make. Feel free to correct me since I’m always looking to improve my skills.


Game: Furi

How long it lasts: 7/8 hs or 20+ if you go for the plat (very skill dependent)

Game summary: You play as a prisoner escaping from his cell. You’ll have to fight 9 bosses to reach freedom. The are no “levels” in this game, just boss fights.

Strengths: The combat is amazing and very responsive, it’s also fair, you can first time any boss if you’re paying attention. The story is actually quite decent (even though I didn’t understand the end that much). The soundtrack is also fine. The colors in the game are beautiful, even when your whole screen is loaded with enemy shots you can tell where your character is and where the safe spots are.

Weakness: You do get a bit clueless on some fights, more than once I end up looking a fight on youtube to find out I was over complicating things. The plat is pretty hard to get.

Play if: You are up for the challenge. You like to fight bosses. Think of this game as an indie bloodborne.

Don’t play if: You get frustrated easily.


Game: Child of Light

How long it lasts: 13 hs

Game summary:You play as a young girl that passed away but somehow wakes up in another fantasy world like Narnia. The game is an RPG without random encounters (you can avoid almost every fight).

Strengths:The art design is amazing. The characters feel alive. It seems like you’re playing a child’s book (the whole game is told by rhymes) but it gets more mature as you advance, more than once I found myself reading the lines out cause I was that invested into the story. Innovative combat. Kind of Co-op, let’s say it’s a great game to play with your girlfriend or son/daughter, she doesn’t have to do much but it still useful and necessary. A challenge if you play on hard.

Weakness:You might found the game a bit childish. No plat trophy.

Play if:You’re into RPGs games or looking for a good story.

Don’t play if:You don’t like RPGs, you don’t like rhymes or don’t like the art style.


Game: Bastion

How long it lasts:I don’t remember since I put it down a few times but less than 10 for sure.

Game summary:You take control of “the kid” as you are trying to build some kind of town and you are forced to look for some crystals. It’s an action rpg where you can use two weapons and switch them as you please while you fight.

Strengths:Gameplay is fun, kinda like the Ys series. Some guy narrates everything you do and that’s amazing. The art style is beautiful. Lots of weapons to choose from.

Weakness:The game does get repetitive towards the end even though it’s pretty short. While the gameplay is fun, it lacks deepness, you find yourself doing things for the 8th consecutive time and it wasn’t as fun as it was the firsts few times.

Play if:You liked the Ys series/action RPGs with a view from above.

Don’t play if:You’re not into action RPGs tbh


Game: Transistor

How long it lasts: 7/8hs. 15 if you go for the plat. It has a lot of re-playability and challenges to do if you’re into it. The platinum trophy is fun (even though you have to do a second playthrough)

Game summary:You play as a singer who lost her voice and goes on a journey to get it back while you fight your way through a town that has been destroyed. I don’t want to label this game as an Action RPG or an Rpg since its quite unique.

Strengths:Like in Bastion, you have a “narrator” that guides you and talks about what you’re doing. The combat and gameplay are amazing, first, you can either fight like an action RPG just using your powers to kill stuff or you can press a button and the time freezes and you can select a few actions to do while the enemies stay in place. Another amazing thing about this game is the fact that while you’re progressing you’re picking up new “powers” that you can use in whatever way you like, you have active nods, passive nods, and even some nods to upgrade your powers and you can use any of them in any slot with a different result. It sounds complicated but it’s way easier than I make it sound. The soundtrack is amazing (I have one of the songs on my Spotify list) and so is the story.

Weakness:Maybe enemy fatigue, you do fight the same enemies quite a bit, but it’s not that big of a deal.

Play if:If you like RPGs or Action RPGs, or you are just looking for something different, this game is quite unique. Don’t play if:you only play Fifa/cod/fortnite. Otherwise, give it a shot.


Game: Infamous Second Son

How long it lasts:10 hours? Lot of replayability since you can take different paths that give you different powers. Also, the platinum seems pretty fun.

Game summary:Your typical superhero game, you are a bad kid that doesn’t like rules and end up with superpowers, but a Hitler-like woman doesn’t like people having superpowers and locks ups behind bars anyone that does have them, so normally you want to stop her reich and not go to jail.

Strengths:Really fun game, the story is good enough and you can choose whether you are a good hero (saving innocent people and stuff) or a bad guy (killing everyone whether they are good or bad), the great thing about this is that it reflects on what kind of powers you are able to unlock. The combat is good, a bit hard if you play on… hard, but still fun. Moving through the city feels amazing and getting the collectibles doesn’t feel like a chore (I'm looking at you GoW, fuck Odin's ravens) since they always give you some advantage. Also, this is one of the few games on Ps4 that makes use of the motion sensor of the DS.

Weakness:It might suffer a bit from combat fatigue at the end, also a few fights just ain't that fun since you might die because you got 500 guys shooting at you.

Play if:You like superheroes or the new Spiderman game but are poor like me.

Don’t play if: You’re not into adventure superheroes games.


Game: Dead Cells


How long it lasts: Depends on how good you are (you can beat it in 2 hours maybe if you know what you’re doing), it also depends on whether you want to beat it once and be done with it or keep playing the hardest difficulties. Between 10 to 20 hours maybe but it’s hard to say.

Game summary: Okay I don’t know shit about the story at all I know it’s an excuse to justify you dying and begin reborn a lot and you’re supposed to kill the king (whoever he is). The game is a rougelike/metroidvania type of game. You unlock a few abilities and they open new paths you can take.

Strengths: While I don’t like metroidvania-type games, I did enjoyed my first playthrough of the game, you’ve lots of weapons and abilities to mix in whichever way you want, there’s a shit ton of different combinations you can use to play through the game, depending on how you like to play, maybe you’re a melee fighter, maybe you like to set up traps or just enjoy killing enemies from afar, do as you please because it’s all there. The controls are amazing, which is key in these kinds of game. It has a bit of pick up and play potential, since you can close the game and pick it up where you left it, but a good run probably takes more than half an hour.

Weakness: It does get repetitive, even though the levels are different each time, you face the same enemies every time, by the time you beat the game and unlock the next difficulty you are either too “underlevel” (meaning you’ll have to grind a bit playing the same thing you just beat) or to burned to play it all over again. Also some weapons are clearly better than others, and some combinations were just plain OP (Maybe it changed with a patch, devs seem to be releasing a lot of patches, which is a great sing)

Play if: You like rouge likes/metroidvania games.

Don’t play if: If you don’t like 16/8 bit games (I don’t know which one is it) or rouge likes.


Game: Megaman X legacy collection (1) (Do not confuse with the part 2 of the collection, stay away from that)

How long it lasts: 12 hours? I already knew all the games when I beat them so if you’re new to the series it might take longer, closer to 20ish.

Game summary: This is a collection of 4 megaman games (you know the blue man that shoots shit from a beam on his hand). This is not a remake nor a remaster(or maybe they are, im not sure about the terminology, the important info here is the graphics are the same from back in the day), just a collection/recompilation. You get Megaman X1, X2, X3, X4 and a new challenge mode where you face 2 bosses at once. Your typical 2d platformer but better.

Strengths: You get 4 games, each one better than the last. The progression system in the game is amazing, you unlock new powers (beating the bosses of the game) and abilities (exploring the levels) that make your job easier. You have to fight 8 bosses and each one has its own weaknesses (other bosses powers). The games are a lot of fun, level design, bosses, weapons, power ups, the recipe works wonders. The soundtrack is amazing and a classic. You can choose an “easy” mode if you’re new to the game. The new game is a challenge even to the veterans. The plat trophy is quite easy to get but…

Weakness: … some trophies are a drag and unnecessary. Fps drops on some parts like in the OG games. The new mode is a lot of fun, but the last pair of bosses is hard as fuck, and kinda unfair.

Play if: You liked megaman back in the day, or want a great (but old) 2d plataformer.

Don’t play if: You don’t like retro games, keep in mind these are old games and while the gameplay is amazing, the visuals are not.


Game: Strider

How long it lasts: 5 or 6 hours. You can get the platinum trophy in less than 8 hours.

Game summary: I don’t remember a lot of the story but you’re that a ninja and you do ninja stuff. The game is a 2d platformer with a very strong Metroid vibe, you know, you need to go to place A but you can’t since you need a double jump so you go to place B to get the double jump power up and then you got to place A, repeat till the end.

Strengths: Lots of power ups that aren’t hard to find, you don’t need to play with a guide to get most of them. Combat is fast paced and fun. Bosses are great. Controls are on point. Plat trophy is quite easy to get (but it does require a second playthrough)

Weakness: You can abuse certain abilities that make the game less fun. A bit of back tracking.

Play if: You like fast paced plataformers or Metroid.

Don’t play if: You don’t like 2d Metroid like platformers or really hate ninjas.


Game: 99 VIDAS

How long it lasts: 3 or 4 hours? Lot of replayability.

Game summary: Okay I’d never thought about buying this game but since it was free I gave it a shot, I suggest you do the same if you like it, not sure how much this game is worth tbh. Old school beat em up with a good sense of humor.

Strengths: You can play co-op(off and online, up to 4 players), the game is kinda of challenge, and you earn points to unlock a few new powers.

Weakness: Game is short and nothing special, it was free with ps plus but im not sure if is worth a few bucks.

Play if: You like beat em ups/Want a 4man short couch co op game. Don’t play if: You don’t like indies or beat em ups, or cant stand retro graphics.


Game: Alienation

How long it lasts: 10 hours.

Game summary: A pretty good twin stick shooter, I never paid any attention to the story, sorry. You fight aliens with characters that have different abilities.

Strengths: 4 player couch co-op (or online), that’s the biggest strength of this game tbh, the game is alright, lots of fun, but I’d never have played alone, the fact that I can play with my friends on my house is what made me spent a few hours (almost) finishing the game(which you can do a lot of times and don’t get bored). It has a pretty fun loot system. Graphics are really nice, soundtrack is meh, and the progression system is quite good but…

Weakness: Some abilities are just trash. It took a while to find a new good weapon and there wasn’t that much variety. Waiting for everyone to set up their character was annoying (not sure if it’s the game fault or my friends fault)

Play if: You enjoy twin stick shooter, love to kill alines, or you are just looking for something to play with a few friends either local or online.

Don’t play if:Honestly? If you’re looking for a game to play with a few friends give it a shot, but it’s not for everyone like, lets say, overcooked.

So that’s all for today guys, let me know if you enjoyed this and want a second part, also, im open to criticism and any suggestions regarding formatting or the reviewing format.

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