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2020 had some great Videogamesoundtracks. What are your favorites?

Gamingtodaynews1f - 2020 had some great Videogamesoundtracks. What are your favorites?

Music and videogames are both my greatest passion so I'm really looking forward to the sick videogame soundtracks that awaits us in 2021, but before that i would be interested in what your favorite OSTs of 2020 are. Are there any you could recommend me?

Here is my List:

10. Dragonball Z: Kakarot

I loved how they remixed the classic Soundtrack from the original Dragon Ball Z, a pretty nice nostalgia Trip. A prime example for Anime fan-service for me

9. Coffee Talk

Pretty cozy lo-fi Soundtrack and I totally love lo-fi hip hop. Uplifted the mood in an pretty shitty year.

8. Doom Eternal

A Soundtrack with a single mission and this mission was done perfectly. Good soundtracks don't always need to be diverse sometimes pinpointing a single emotion can really help selling the vibe the game wants you to feel. In this case it's an ultimate mixture of anger and carnage.

7. Ori will of the wisps

Great Game that really knows how to push your sentimental buttons. In Ori you always cry throughout the whole game either it's too beautiful or too sad to be true.

6. Creaks

One of the Game that literally no one has played on this planet but it's soundtrack is truly amazing full of love and incredibly detailed. The song are hans zimmer like where a base melody is played throughout this piece of music that grows in detail as the song progresses. I can only recommend you guys to check this even if you are only partially interested.

5. Haven

That Soundtrack captures the euphoric feeling of being truly in love quite flawlessly. Not in a particular cheesy way rather in a positive uplifting emotional cocktail kinda way.


4. Othercide

A super dramatic emo metal score that really adds to the visual style of this game. I hope future games will go the way of making more experimental soundtracks like this than the classical hollywood movie blockbuster soundtracks you already heard a million times.

3. Cyberpunk 2077

Event though Cyberpunk 2077 had a pretty patchy launch you can't the tremendous effort they put into the Soundtrack. There are so many songs from so many various artists specifically produced for this game an I can only imagine how hard it was to create. Cyberpunk helped to discover new music genres i didn't knew I was a fan of.

2. Assassins Creed Valhalla

This was probably the most surprising one for me. In my eyes Assassins Creed is the prime example of generic game design in the current game design meta of triple a games. Nevertheless i gave it a shot and I was pretty blown out of the water listening to its soundtrack. Jasper kyd and Sarah Schachner really live up to their reputation.By adding Einar Selvik one of the producers of the viking series they created a literally perfect trio for composing a atmospheric viking score.

1. Paradise Killer

Paradise Killer managed to become one of my all time favorite Soundtracks literally in just a few days. This game would be incomplete with it's soundtrack. It's literally impossible to not get in a good mood by listening to this vaporwave/citypop esque music. I barerly experienced games there the visuals and audio go so well hand in hand.

Now it's your turn!

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